BFN Governance

Notice of Nomination Meeting

Batchewana First Nation



Notice is hereby given that a meeting of the Electors of the Batchewana First Nation will be held at the Thunderbird Room, Rankin Arena on Tuesday, the 2nd day of December 2014, beginning at 6:00 o’clock p.m. and closing at 9:00 o’clock p.m., for the purpose of nominating candidates for the position of Chief and Councillors, on the Band Council of the said Band, for the next ensuing term.


There are eight (8) Councillor positions and one (1) position for Chief available. The Election will be held at the Thunderbird Room, Rankin Arena on Wednesday the 4th day of February 2015.


Please note that any voter may nominate candidates by using a mail-in nomination form.


You can either deliver or mail-in a written nomination and a completed, signed and witnessed voter declaration form to the Electoral Officer before the time set for the Nomination Meeting OR you may nominate candidates orally at the nomination meeting. If you wish to nominate using a mail-in nomination form, contact the Electoral Officer at the below telephone number.


Also note that any voter may vote by mail in ballot. If you will not be available to vote in person on the Polling Day, you may make arrangements with the Electoral Officer to receive a mail in ballot.


Everyone is reminded to make sure that your address is current with the BFN Membership Clerk, Lisa McCormick.




Kim Lambert

CEO, Batchewana First Nation

(705) 759-0914 ext. 210



Community Announcement

Batchewana First Nation Chief and Council announce that General Community Membership meetings will be held on a bi-monthly basis on the first Thursday of the month.

The Batchewana First Nation Chief and Council hereby motion to commence General Membership meetings the first Thursday, bi monthly starting on May 5 in Obadjiwan Community. This will be a trial for 8 months and to include SSM, Obadjiwan, Rankin and Goulais.

BFN Chief and Council  

Chief Dean Sayers

Top Councilor stacy Tijerina (359 votes) 
Councilor Gary Roach Jr.
Councilor Lynn Tegosh
Councilor Harvey Bell 
Councilor Peter Sewell
Councilor Joseph M Corbiere 
Councilor Vernon Syrette
Councilor Claude Paquin
 Batchewana First Nation Governance Steering Committee

The BFN Governance Steering Committee is back. We are busy helping

to establish our community Leadership code. 

The Batchewana First Nation Governance Steering Committee
(BFNGSC) consists of the following members:
Joy Agawa
Harvey Bell
Patricia Belleau
Mary Boyer-Finlayson
Arthur Carierre
Alternate: Linda Jordan
Co-ordinator: Amy Boyer
Email Address: