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BFN Matrimonial Real Property Results

The minimum number of eligible voters required to cast a vote in this election to be a valid vote was 25% + 1 or 557 cast ballots, in accordance with BFN\'s voting procedures.

The results were as follows:
Fifty one mail in ballots were deposited in the ballot box

Sixty three on-line ballots were cast in the vote

Sixty four regular ballots were cast in the vote

No ballots were spoiled, no ballots were rejected.

One hundred and sixty two ballots were marked Yes, for the question which is 91% of the ballots cast.

Sixteen ballots were marked No, for the question which is 9% of the ballots cast.

Based on the need to meet or exceed the number of eligible voters the Matrimonial Real Property Law of the Batchewana First nation was not approved by eligible voters.

Solemnly declared by Vaughn Johnston, Ratification Officer

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