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A self‐supporting, self‐reliant, sovereign First Nation where individuals share a strong cultural identity based on a deep understanding of who we are on a clear sense of continuity with our cultural roots. A community that lives in harmony with all of Creation, maintains a healthy balance between individual and community needs, and works productively with both other Aboriginal and non‐Aboriginal governments and communities based on a sense of equality. Where the Reserve communities have truly come together and whose members have a strong sense of self‐esteem, respect for each other and who work together for the betterment of all. In which the youth have a positive future and the Elders hand over a strong Nation, community to the next generation.


Emergency Contact Information:

Batchewana First Nation Band Office (705) 759-0914 or 1-877-236-2632

Batchewana Police Services 1-888-310-1122

Batchewana First Nation Health Centre (705) 254-7827 or 1-855-816-9590

Email Address: